❝ Cocky.

{ – He almost laughed at the creature’s confidence, however, the faceless man’s chilling aura kept him from doing so. }

❝ D-don’t tell me that’s how you a-always greet your victims. ❞

        Faceless features turned to the man, finding it amusing how he still dared to speak. And words that made him laugh, a sound so insane and filled with mischief that made even the most dangerous beings walk away.

                    "How kind of you, to already say that you’re my victim." 

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                       “No, not for long.”

                 "For as long as it is needed."

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◣ F o l l o w F o r e v e r

dear followers,

one month——that’s all it took. one month to meet and befriend so, so many wonderful people all over the world that have the same hobby as me. now, 1000 followers later and i cannot express my gratitude enough. homestuck is something that’s truly open my eyes and changed a lot for me; truthfully, i’ve had previous bad experiences and yet, i came back and i don’t regret my decision. i made new friends, so many people that care for me like i care for them. who will pick me up when i’m down, hand a smile and maybe just want to roleplay. i’m making you all a promise——only if you make a promise to me back - don’t give up. We are all different yet the same in many ways, never feel as if you’re alone even on the most loneliest of days. it’s a bad day—not a bad life. you’re all the reason i still smile, i still wake up in the morning, still try to press through school. you make not know you’re the reason, but you are. you’re all so precious and beautiful in your own ways and i love watching you all interact.

Thank you. ♥


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       [ Like this post if I owe. God, I feel so lost atm. ]

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Reblog if you have this:



…and are willing to share it with people that want to RP :)

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                      I'm a monster

        —  A     B E A S T

And I crave blood
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◣ F O L L O W  F O R E V E R ❣  

Welp, here it is. A little something that we can agree on, something that is past overdue. I’ll admit, I don’t usually do something like this, but I’m bored and I feel like I need to encourage other people or get something out of my system that I’ve been wanting to do.

But before I do it, I want to thank all of you for being with me through this short 9 months of my time as RPing Germany. The weirdest Germany in the entire Hetalia fandom, as I always say. One of the only one’s that adds the Holocaust in him( and believes it’s a big part of him! ), the only one that actually changes the letters in my dialogue to add imagery, and most likely the only one out there that doesn’t ship gerita as much as others, yet has an OTP of gerpan.

No matter how many times I might have fucked up, no matter how many times I’ve made any single one of you question me or what I’m doing, the majority of you stayed with me. No matter how many followers I’ve lost, or how many replaced me, you stayed with me! All of you! And I thank you, because 900 in 9 months? To me, that’s big.

Really enormous.

When I was on my Gamzee account, I never imagined gaining up followers this high, though it did take me over a year just to get to 848. Guess that means I’m just better at Germany, huh?

But either way, even though this was meant to be for my 1000 follower mark, and was bored, and again, I felt like this was needed.

And again, before I forget;

Tɦʌɲƙ ɣơυ. ❤

Now to get on with the show!

Here it is, torturousnostalgia’s follow forever!



Alright. This Doctor here, even though they don’t follow me and probably never will, has been my senpai since I can remember. Ever since I found their blog, I always smile when I see them on my dashboard because they are literally the best 11th I have ever seen. No scratch that, the best Doctor in general! They stay in character 24/7, and everytime I read their RP’s, I always hear it in 11’s voice.



A Howl that I watch closely, and that I believe actually stays in character compared to the rest of the god-awful Howl’s on this website! They actually give Howl the self-conscious he needs and the constant whining he does!

Once again, I can always hear his voice whenever I see her on my dash.



My best friend on the internet, as well as my very first RP partner! Violet! And/or Poland, is Germany’s ally ever since my old Italy partner quit their Italy, thus leading to Italy’s untimely death.

Violet’s Poland may be a little humorous, though I can always count on her to make me laugh, and give Germany the attention he needs when I want him to have it. Not only that, but we do have some good WWII plots we never do.


My honey as well as Germany’s! Germany has loved Savvy ever since he has brought their family back together and he saved her the first couple of times. Of course back then, he didn’t really realize how hard he was going to fall for her, as he is now. They’re going to get married soon in the summer, despite all the hardships they constantly go through just for being together.

Savannah and I have been dating for a couple of months now, I believe? Regrettably, I did not keep the date, though I know I should have. Through thick and thin, I will admit that I have never loved anyone more than how I love my honey, Savannah.


My Prussia partner that even though lacks the confidence I really think she deserves, is ultimately the best and only in character Prussia on this entire sight. She makes Prussia actually arrogant, and she makes Prussia put down other people. He makes him the douche-bag that he NEEDS to be!

Unlike any other fucking Prussia! As for their mun, her and I used to share some similar hardships in life, and she constantly goes to me as a consultant. Without her, I wouldn’t know how to fight back against the people dislike me. Of course, I don’t do it with more violence, yet I kindly tell them to fuck off.


Where to start with this macaroni. Well let’s put it here; My. Favorite. Role Play partner. Ever! She is the best Italy I have seen, other than my first partner, though I honestly think my current Italy partner is better than her.

She doesn’t abandon me, and she listens to what I have to say. Not only that, but she adores my Germany and agrees with almost every single headcanon I have to say.

Who could want more than that?


Now, I know we got off at a bad start because of that skype RP thingy, but I really enjoy RPing with their character! After searching for a good two or three hours to find some sort of Holocaust/WWII blog to RP with and get some extra feels in my day, I stumbled upon Gunther-mun! Gunther-mun, even though we don’t RP as much as my others partners do with me, I consider a partner.

Gunther is a Nazi, and Germany loathes Gunther ever since he tried to take his family away from him. Whenever they are in each other’s sight, it’s constant mocking for the country, and constant counterattacks to the old soldier.

Pᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴀʀᴇ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴀᴛ ᴡʜᴏ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴅᴏ﹗

egbxrt, xmidna, afireflynamedliberty, wankersgonwank, canon-fire, incredible-zim, slanciato, encoreofedelweiss, ask-america-talia, rakiaandroses, ofcerulean, literatureandredstrings, chii-and-pantsu, shinseiroma, despicable-moon-thief, lazerii, thatlittlemicronation, that-fine-notebook.

Thank’s again, everyone!

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         ❝These wounds won't seem to heal

                       This pain is just too real

         There's just too much that time cannot erase

☩ Indiependent RP blog for an original character- still on construction;

☩ Any hate towards the character shall be ignored and the person who sent it will blocked;

☩ Six years of experience;

☩ Selective yet easy to approach;

☩ Comfortable with one liners, para, multi-para and novella;

☩ Single Ship & muse is already taken;

☩ Icons/ Gif icons will certainly be used, thought the icons on this blog may or may not be mine;

☩ English as a second language, so scusi for any typo;

☩ NSFW content, be it sexual or gore;

☩ Mun is friendly yet still a student, so may be inactive;

☩ Trigger warnings  will appear, although it shall be tagged wisely;

☩ Skype is available upon request.

                    Catherine ☩ Contact ☩ Guidelines
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DON’T READ BELOW THE CUT! Just send a number between 1-25 and let’s see what happens!


Bonus for the bravehearts: reblog without looking, either.

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              Whispers, “Lies.”


        Shivers. "Are you concerned about it?"