Abusive plots;

Please like/reblog if you’re fine with abusive, kidnapping, torturous plots. I need some people to para with so yeah. Thanks.

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Slender Hill by Salliby

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[ Since I can’t sleep, I’ll read a book I was meant to finish a few days ago. ]

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[ Anxiety can you please let me sleep? ]

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     Cue the faceless staring at the other creature.

                           "What is it?"

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     [ Okay- before I continue working on those starters I need to answer, I feel like I should say this. I’ll be on a semi-hiatus until June. School’s going to take most of my time from now on and I must focus on it if I plan to become what I want to be. But I’ll be around whenever I can. 

       Slenderman started as a small joke, something to take my mind away from my other muse and the drama I was seeing. I never planned on having so many threads going on (which I’ll admit that got me quite stressed at first) nor did I planned to meet so many wonderful and kind people. Words can’t express how much you did for me, each of you. Even if we didn’t speak. There’s 290 of you following me and I wish I could simply speak with all of you and let you all know how amazing and talented you all are. So here’s a big thank you for everything, for the kind words, for the laughs, the tears, everything.

           Never stop doing what you love, okay? And keep up with the good work! ]



     [ ‘Tis munday, you say? My last day before school begins -sobs- Plus- light’s a bitch and this is the one I like the most ;-; I’ll reblog another one from Dante’s blog ]

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Stares up at.

              "See something you like?"

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If they will ever try, I'll know how to handle it.
Every kind of meal is accepted, after all.



                   I wouldn’t wish to see such a delightful company

           going to sleep so soon.”

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Send me a ☁ for a voice recording and tell what you want me to say

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